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DC Grand Opening

7610 Georgia Avenue, Washington, DC

PRSVR is a Chicago based “Elevated Lifestyle Brand,” launched in 2012. They carry everything from clothing and footwear to luggage and accessories. The acronym P-R-S-V-R stands for “Passion, Resilience, Sacrifice, Values, and Respect.” This boutique is focused around luxurious high-fashion streetwear clothing for men, women, and children (B2 - Kid's Collection) of all ages. They are open and have done collaborations with many designers, stylists, and general clientele. This one of a kind shop focuses around uplifting and progressing black and/or minority based designs.

Through mixing and matching popular and more general must-have pieces they guide the client through a complete wardrobe. The goal is to find everyone that works with the store options that will go with everything and last throughout time. Personally, I think the mission is well worth the cost. Each fashionista/o should shop and buy quality items that will last them. You pay for quality and also receive quantity in the length of time each piece can be worn. This store is also unique in it’s his and/or hers options. Each option can be made to order and altered for the perfect fit and vibe, for FREE. Below lists a few of the options pictured in the video and in store for purchase and alteration.

  1. Light-weight cotton/twill flight suit
  2. Children’s nylon bomber jacket (reversible)
  3. Subterfuge/leather camo shorts (also comes in briefcase and loafers)
  4. Dark camo leather detailed flight suit
  5. Denim/Subterfuge collection
  6. Lambskin/camo jacket with a denim jacket silhouette and leather detailing
  7. Sweatshirt with rope/canvas knots
  8. Backpacks from B2 – Kid’s Collection

PRSVR Social Media Outlets

Wardrobe & Image Consultant: Slay by Dutch Social Media Outlets




Be You. – Stylistic Ambition - Alexis Camillee


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