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I Want That Real Love

That Jada and That Will Love

"So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day.” - The Notebook

          So with Valentine's Day coming up I figured I would talk about love. I've talked about how to get love, how to keep love, the type of women that we should be if we want to be respected, but I've never talked about what it feels like when it’s real. When I was younger I was very cynical about love. I didn't believe that it existed, at all. When you're younger you view love as if it's perfect, there are never any fights, you’re just happy all the time, and everything is great. By that definition I refused to believe. I’ve grown now to know that love does exist it’s just really hard work.

          The only time I’ve ever been in love was two years ago. I’d known him for 7 years before we ever made a real attempt to be together. In my opinion, love is something that takes time to build. It takes time to get to know someone in and out and fall in love with every part of them. Being in love is the single-handed most beautiful emotion I think a human being can ever feel. It is in every way, shape, and form probably the closest you will get to being both insane and witnessing magic in your entire life. Love is so special that you can’t actually put it into words in a way that will properly encompass everything that it is. It is everything. It is beautiful. It is so mind blowingly excellent that not enough adjectives on this planet can explain it!

          I believe that every person has a person for them, and being religious I believe that God puts that person on our track to meet. I don’t believe everybody commits to the person they are meant to be with, but I do believe they are out there. Like I’ve said many times, love is hard, and for this reason we sometimes miss out simply because we’re not ready for the work. Sometimes it’s the timing, or the influence of the people around the relationship. I believe that there are some people that settle. It’s kind of like putting a smaller circle into a larger square: it may fit, but there’s always going to be extra space. It’s never going to be perfect. Even if you do find the perfect puzzle piece sometimes you just don’t get to keep it. I chose to leave, and that was, to this day, one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

          When you reach a certain maturity level you become ready and you’re better able to notice the void. You’ve also had enough life experience to know specifically what you are looking for in a person to fill it. I believe there is one person out there that fits perfectly with you and you just have to have faith that you will find them. Even though my love story didn’t work out I know that I would not take that experience back for the world. It is the most beautiful feeling to let someone so close that you would do anything for them. They are everything, and beautiful in ways you cannot explain. Just being around them makes you complete. It’s something that’s not comparable to anything else.

         You may have several smaller circles in your life that you really care about and cherish, but that extra space is keeping you from being whole. My challenge to everyone is to not settle for something that is not right for you. When it is true and real, like the love that God intended for you, you will know. So enjoy your significant others this weekend, and if you’ve been lucky enough to have found love never let it go. Treat them like the god or goddess you see them as in your mind. Be careful of your words and your actions, as to never hurt them. Complete them as they complete you: in mind, body, and soul. Thank God every day for them, as you thank God for your family and your friends. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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