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"I know Imma Get My B**** Back"

Nah, I Don't Think You Will

"And to the guys who have such an opinion, know your facts! I did reach out to my son's father for him and Russell to speak and he didn't want to talk to me. You know, we didn't get to talk, and so that was that. I don't know what more they would expect for me to do than just live my life, and that's what I'm doing. My son is the most important and the person that loves me." - Ciara

With Future at the top of the rap game and Ciara newly engaged to Russell the two names are always at the top of pop-culture news headlines. Usually I don’t weigh in on these issues, because frankly I just don’t care about popular culture that much, but when people started hating on a woman and belittling her for no reason that got my attention. What really annoyed me was the complete neglect for the positive things Ciara has been doing for herself and her son, despite the unraveling of her previous relationship with Future. It seemed the masses held a tunnel vision focus on how she had somehow become less. Future broke off the engagement and when Ciara continued with her life it’s like people had expected her to stay hurt. She reached out to Future about her new relationship and meeting the new man that would be spending a lot of time with their son, but he didn't want any parts. Future is a grown man and Ciara is a grown woman, and when a child is involved people have to put his or her pride aside for that, and it looks like he couldn't and neither could a lot of his fans. It all just completely baffled me. Then again, this is all the opinion of someone who doesn’t keep up with social media and popular culture topics that well, so take it how you will, but I hope my message still gets through even if some of my facts aren’t right. It’s about the bigger picture of a women’s worth.

Now let’s look into Future guys. Aside from being great at his craft he has also fathered four children from four different women. We never see any of this other children on social media or otherwise hear about them (which could be to shelter them from the public eye, so I won't say more on that). All his albums are about drugs and “hoes.” He belittles women and objectifies them, and makes less of drug addiction which is a very real and at times lethal aliment for a lot of people. It's one thing to keep his kids out of the public eye to shelter them, but I've never even heard him make reference to the other three. This makes me think he only speaks on little Future because his relationship with Ciara is making big headlines and keeping him relevant, outside of his music. But then again I’m not a Future junkie (nor am I a Ciara junkie), so I don’t know intimate details about all of his songs and/or interviews. I do know that he went on social media and did several interviews publicly slandering the mother (Ciara) and primary caregiver of his fourth child, which for any person is childish. But it’s especially childish if you’re largely in the public eye, like he is. Yet and still with all of this evidence that he’s not quite that great of a partner the world hops on the “Future Train,” just because his music is good.

This is what gets me about my generation. We don’t think past the artist into the real life person. Future being good at his craft has absolutely no correlation to his relationship skills or ability to be a good father. I’m not sure where people are getting this. Ciara is getting hate for taking care of her child and moving on with her life. What astonishes me is that women today really hate on her for that. The way I see it, the ladies that are hating on Ciara are the same females without the confidence to leave their no good partner, and are mad she had the wherewithal to do what they can’t, and move on. The males that are hating on her are probably just nervous that her having the ability to move on from heartbreak and find something better might motivate their girl to finally go out and do the same. It’s all a game of jealousy out here these days, instead of praising men and women for being strong and doing what’s right. I say Ciara, YOU DO YOU BOOBOO! Future may have called off the engagement, but you are doing an amazing job raising your son, and you’ve done a great job rebuilding your life! Be You Girl!

***All opinions are based on the LITTLE social media and interview research I've done. I by no means make any claims to know the real details of either Future or Ciara's life. ***

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