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Hurting Others

"Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You."

Recording is finally here! Listen instead of reading...just trying to make motivation come easily to ya'll :)

    You will often hear me referring to things that have happened to me when people called me crazy. And ya know what? Maybe I am crazy. At this point I really don’t even know anymore. People’s morals are all zigzagging every way but up so if everything’s opposite, as it seems to be, I guess I am lol.

    Most of the time when someone has called me crazy it’s in reaction to an argument we’ve just had. My most recent arguments have been over moral dilemmas. I was raised a Baptist Christian, and I live my life as close to the Bible as I can humanly accomplish. This being said, a lot of my moral beliefs are seen as “outdated” by a lot of people, or “old-fashioned.” My views on sex stem from the Bible, in that you should not have sex outside of marriage. Now nobody is perfect, including myself, so my belief is that you should try and stick as close to marriage as possible, but if you can’t you should have very strong feelings for the person. Sex is not a joke. It's not something meant to do just because you enjoy it, but that’s a whole other blog post. This post refers to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    Most people seem to have forgotten this. You get on social media and you see all types of heartbreak, friends fighting, people saying nasty things to people they don’t even know and some that they do. There’s just so much pain being dished out all over the place it makes you wonder if people even think of others at all anymore before they speak or act. So my moral dilemma is, “Why do people do/say bad things to other people?” I can’t even quit my job without feeling terrible disappointment in myself for inconveniencing someone else. I had to break-up with someone once and I felt so bad I swore the pain was going to kill me! People do and say all of these terrible things to others all the time with no regard for the pain they are causing. You have people lashing out because they are angry. People are neglecting others out of selfishness. People are lying and cheating. People are playing games with others emotions purely for sport. When did this become acceptable? When did society say, “People do terrible things to other people, but it’s ok? Just don’t say anything and let it happen.”

    I’ll be called crazy all day and all night if that’s what society wants me to do: to sit silently as people act like they were never taught manners. I’ll be the first to say I’ve lost my temper, but I’ll also be the first to say it doesn’t happen without good reason. Seeing someone treat someone else, or myself like crap without any regard for how the other person feels will make me lose it every time. It’s unacceptable behavior to me. I don’t do anything without thinking about how it’s going to affect the other person first. If it’s going to hurt them I won’t do it, and if I have no choice but to do it I’ll do everything I can to make the pain as insignificant as possible for them. I’ve heard stories of things people have done to other people that literally have made me want to vomit. My biggest questions are always, “How did you find it within yourself to treat someone that way, and why?” Even if someone has done something unthinkable to me I could never fathom actually getting revenge, or try and inflict that same amount of pain upon him or her. I’ve thought about it. Sometimes I’ll even joke about it, but never in my life would you find me intentionally inflict harm or pain on another person. Sometimes I’ll even apologize when what I said I still feel is valid, just because it may have hurt the other person’s feelings and that was not my intention.

    “DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU.” I know everyone has felt some sort of pain at least once in their lives, and that is what keeps me from doing it to others. I’ve been hurt and therefore I refuse to hurt. Everyone knows what that pain feels like. Why would you want someone else to hurt that way? If you care about someone you want what’s best for him or her, even if they’ve hurt you, or you don’t really care about them all that much.

    I mean I don’t know. Maybe I was born in the wrong generation, or maybe I was born into a generation that values religion less than before? I’m not sure what the differences are, but I simply just don’t understand. I will keep fighting against every person I have to for something I feel is the right thing. You should not intentionally hurt other people. You should think before you act, or speak. If you don’t care about someone don’t lie about it (friendship or romantically). Don’t lie in general. What helps me is thinking about how I would feel if someone else did or said whatever I’m planning to do or say if they were to do it to me. Would it hurt me? And if it would I rethink my course of action. To me this is simple, and I’ll keep fighting until the day it’s this simple for everyone else.
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