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Humble, But Aware

Know Your Worth

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." - Philippians 4:13

            The beginning of last week was hell. I had all of my finals due, my final projects, new research to conduct, and a bunch of other things. I remember just checking out for a minute and not really talking to anyone while I was trying to get it all done, and to my standard. When I finally emerged I confided in a friend just how hard everything had been for me that week. I was down and out, really feeling low, and not even she could convince me that things were going to get better. This is normal for most people. You go through a really stressful time and while you’re in it you’re just convinced that things are never going to get better. But eventually, as all things in life do, it passes. The storm subsides and the sun emerges.

            It’s always in this moment that I realize how truly blessed I am. It’s really not until this moment that my friend’s words really begin to make an impact. It’s almost as if I didn’t even hear her until that very moment. I remember sitting in my bed thinking about my week and thinking, “Good God, I’m So Blessed!” It’s not often that you’ll hear me talk about what I’ve been able to achieve in my short 22 years, but in these moments I always like to focus on that. When you’re down and stressed it’s easy to think everything is just falling apart. It’s a new World War battle every day. It’s not until you take the time to step away that you see how truly blessed you’ve really been.

            Some people would call this cocky, but I think it’s just being aware of your blessings. It’s being aware of God and what he has allowed to transpire in your life. As I sit I think of all of my accomplishments, how much hard work I’ve put in, how much I’ve already done and the unlimited scope of what I could do. When you sit and think about those things it’s really difficult not to believe in a higher power. At 21 I moved away, got my own apartment, got accepted to grad school, am able to pay for grad school on my own, work fulltime for the university doing something I love, while having graduated early in the top 10% of my undergrad class. When I think about all of those things and all of the other things I’ve done I know something more is guiding me. I’m exceptional on paper and in practice and that’s not being cocky, but aware of what I’ve been fortunate enough to do. It wasn’t me that put myself in these situations, but it was me who made the most of the opportunities.

            I’ve been beyond blessed with the situations I’ve been put in and the ability to know what to do with those blessings when I receive them. Never sell yourself short. Never fail to squeeze a blessing for everything it’s worth. Be constantly aware of your potential: past, present, and future, and take time to praise yourself for what you've accomplished. Remind yourself that even when things seem dim, you've already done so much and you've already come back from a place just as low in the past, and ended up on top. Never limit yourself, because in reality you are the only obstacle that stands in your way. Anything is possible through Christ who strengthens me (or whatever higher power you believe in). Never forget the scope of your own potential. And most of all, never forget to just Be You.

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