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We Gon' Keep Runnin', Cuss A Winna Don't Quit On Themselves


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”   ― Maya Angelou

This past Sunday, May 1st, I went to Atlanta to see Beyonce perform at the Georgia Dome. It was AMAZING!!! She is so talented it's really almost unreal. I bring this up only to shine light on how much she seemed to truly enjoy what she was doing. The whole show she was laughing and smiling. She seemed so genuinely happy with the life she had decided and molded for herself and her family. It makes you notice her true love and dedication to her craft. If the rumors are true and her and Jay-Z are having trouble it doesn't seem to be influencing her career (besides the lyrics and content of her songs).

This is the type of job we want to strive for, and the type of life we want to build. As life is unfair a lot of the time and bad things happen to good people, sometimes even more than the bad, we have to stay focused. I believe we should all do something we truly love to do. Nothing is perfect, so while it may not be the perfect job every day we should still be able to wake up every day knowing we would never want to do anything else. Our jobs should be a haven away from the drama and hectic non-sense in our lives. Personally, I find that no matter what happens in my life when I get to work or start schoolwork for class it all just fades away. I enter into this world of focus and pure enjoyment, where I've compartmentalized my personal life from my professional. Last night that's what I saw in Beyonce, and it's so motivating to see up close and personal.

Knowing that the destruction or hardships in many marriages can be, and often are, life-altering, if Jay-Z and Beyonce really are struggling she never showed it. She entertained us from the moment she stepped on stage to the moment the lights came on and the seats began to empty. If the album is true she is the perfect example of career/life separation, and I believe this is SO important to learn and master if we are to be successful. While this is sometimes easier said than done, our personal lives should never be crossed over into our professional lives. A break-up with a boyfriend/girlfriend should not cause us to skip work/class and/or neglect to get important things done. Our work should be the place away from the chaos, and that's why it's so important to enjoy what we do! It should be like a refuge away from the unpredictable; where our hard work 90% of the time does lead to reward and satisfaction. I'm not saying our jobs should be or will be easy, but we should love them!

Beyonce's show of class and passion up on that stage last night seemed effortless. It was as if while out there doing what she loved nothing else mattered. Her music, her dance moves, and her fans were the only things she knew. Anything else happening could wait. I was so amazed with her, and even if the album comes to be false I will still be amazed with her, because she embodies what it means to be a successful professional woman. She preaches for women to fight for what we believe, stay focused and work hard, fight for our respect, demand it, and never let anyone tell us we're not good enough. She may be risqué at times, but from what we do see of her personal life that's just a show, an act for her audience. At home she seems to be a wife and a mother first and foremost. She has been successful at keeping her personal matters separate from her job, as they should be. She is truly an inspiration..she IS...The Queen B!

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